Magic For Kids At Children’s Hospital

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When I was asked to do this, I was honored!

Filmed by Rj Idos

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We had only planned to visit a few kids, but then we kept getting requests from parents and kids, so we went back a second day and had a blast.

Did you know that September is “Children’s Cancer Awareness Month”. I had no idea until I started making this video. Next year, I will be sure and raise more awareness! These kids are fighting cancer and doing it with such a positive attitude!
This has probably been one of the most challenging videos I’ve done, but definitely very rewarding. I am so used to performing in front of adults and have formed my performance around that. It was really fun to see if I could pull the same thing off with kids. When I was invited to do this, I never knew it would turn out so well.

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Music: Scott & Brendo “Roller Coaster”

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